Stretch Wrapper Machines

We are an industry leading UK manufacturer of pallet wrapping and stretch wrapper machines. At Orion, we produce bespoke packaging solutions for suppliers and distributors in the UK and abroad.

Available in both automatic and semi-automatic variations, we’ll find the right stretch wrapping system to ensure your packaging operations run smoothly.

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Our high quality stretch wrapping equipment is designed to last and can be suited to your requirements. We guide our clients through every step, allowing us to supply you with the perfect stretch wrapping solution. Our range includes:

What is Stretch Wrap?

Stretch wrap is an elastic plastic film which is used to tightly wrap and hold a load, ready for transport. This process is most commonly carried out on palletised goods but can also be used to hold other objects together.

Key Benefits of Orion Stretch Wrapper Machines

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Our stretch wrappers are extremely efficient at wrapping – providing both stability and protection from damage. A pallet wrapped by one our machines will eliminate any kind of movement during transport and gives the best possible chance for each pallet or item to reach their destination the way it should be intended.

Our stretch wrappers can also wrap loads for storage purposes. The film is great at protecting products from dust and moisture.

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A high quality stretch wrapper machine will reduce the amount of film needed (compared with manual offerings) to efficiently wrap pallet loads. Not only does this have less impact on the environment but it also allows you to significantly save on costs. Film consumption rates are improved and less rolls are needed to secure your products, ready for transit.

Furthermore, stretch wrapping machines are easy to use and can help speed up production rates. These speeds can match (and even outperform) the work capacity of manual labour giving you a shorter payback on investment.

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