Stretch Wrapper

Orion Packaging Machinery is an industry-leading UK manufacturer of pallet wrapping and stretch wrapper machines, producing bespoke packaging solutions for suppliers and distributors in the UK and abroad.

We have all our processes under one roof: design, engineering and manufacture of our stretch wrappers are all undertaken in-house, this is thanks to heavy investment in state-of-the-art CAD facilities and our highly skilled engineering team. Because of this, we can guide out clients through every step of the bespoke manufacturing process to supplier the perfect stretch wrapper solution.

At Orion, overcoming complex challenges and hands on approach have cemented our place as industry leaders. It’s something we’re really proud of. We have developed many packaging solutions, so we are confident we can help your packing needs.

To talk to a specialist and find your perfect stretch wrapper, contact the team on 01543 687072.

Stretch Wrapper

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