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We are an industry leading manufacturer of packaging machinery. Based in the UK, we manufacture pallet wrapping and stretch wrapping machines. Bespoke packaging solutions are also available and are produced for suppliers and distributors in the UK and abroad.

Our range of packaging machinery includes automatic and semi-automatic products. This equipment can be configured as standalone units, or integrated into an existing production line. Our in house team are able to undertake all design, manufacture and installation activities. They deliver every machine to a customer’s exact needs.

Packaging Machinery

We pride ourselves in our ability to design and manufacture bespoke machines. For example, we specialise in bespoke turnkey systems. Our industry specialists have the knowledge and understanding to meet various requirements. So no matter what you require, we are able to help you get the best wrapping solutions for your needs.

Our internal electrical and automation departments complement our mechanical supply and installation activities. They ensure we deliver packaging machinery to customers quickly and efficiently.

We always leave our customers satisfied with their Orion product. Please contact the team for more information.


26/03/18 : New Website

Welcome to our new website. Orion Packaging invites you to explore our new website. This links back to our new group marketing strategy, so expect lots more to come. For more information on our group please view the Unitech Group site. Our new site has been created with the customer experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users quickly and…