Automated Wrapping Line

Orion Packaging specialises in fully automated wrapping line solutions.

We are able to offer you the complete solution for your packaging needs. Our internal, electrical and automation departments complement our mechanical supply and installation activities. They ensure that we can deliver bespoke packaging machinery to customers quickly and efficiently.

What is ‘Automated Wrapping’?

automated wrapping line

Automated wrapping is the process of delivering a product through an automated wrapping system and having it packaged ready for shipping – all without the need for human intervention. A fully automated wrapping line will play an important part of protecting, wrapping and sealing goods that may vary in dimensions. This can range from high volumes of pallets to awkwardly shaped items.

Benefits of an Automated Wrapping Line

  • Packaging Quality – Ensures consistent, reliable wrapping.
  • Safety – Prevents employees from having to handle large goods.
  • Reducing Costs – The ability to reduce labor and packaging costs.
  • Efficiency – Faster than manual wrapping and in return improves output.

We provide the best fully automated wrapping lines, to improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Contact us today for a free quote.

We have all our processes under one roof. The design, engineering and manufacture of our equipment are all undertaken in-house. This is thanks to heavy investment in state of the art CAD facilities and our highly skilled engineering team. Because of this, we can guide our clients through every step of the bespoke manufacturing process.

At Orion, we are really proud to have cemented our place as industry leaders. We’ve managed to achieve this by overcoming complex challenges and having a hands on approach. We have developed many packaging solutions, so we are confident we can help your packing needs.

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