Orbital Wrapper

It is difficult to wrap products by hand efficiently, especially when they are awkward shapes and sizes. The great thing about the Orbital Automatic Wrapping Machine is that it fully automates the process, this has been proven to significantly increase your production speeds.

How does our orbital wrapper machine work?

The product is feed via an inbuilt powered conveyor. This conveyor could be part of an exciting production line or a new standalone system. When activated the powered infeed conveyor takes the product into the machine. The machine then wraps the product and is then moved out via the powered outfeed conveyor, the system can be autonomously controlled from the inbuilt control panel.

A pneumatically powered hot wire and film clamping device are fitted as standard to all Orbital Automatic Wrapping Machines.

Our specialist team can project manage your full installation, this being either into an exciting line, or as a standalone system.

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