Luggage Wrapper

The luggage wrapper machine is commonly used in airports to wrap suitcases, golf clubs, pushchairs and backpacks. It’s a service for those that are looking to protect their items from damages and accidents. As well as discouraging tampering and deterring any potential theft.

All of our wrappers can be fitted with a powered pre-stretch film delivery mechanism. This allows the film to be stretched up to 245% and gives a significant saving on film compared to manual wrapping.

Machines have also been sold in other sectors to wrap single boxes, plastic cartons, televisions and various other applications. Please contact the team to discuss your needs.

Benefits of the Luggage Wrapper

When an item is wrapped it cannot be opened without your knowledge, as the film creates a seal around your luggage. So if the luggage wrap has been damaged or opened, it would be clearly visible to you because the film would be cut or torn.

luggage wrapper

People that arrive at an airport with damaged suitcases or broken zips can take full advantage of the luggage wrapper. One of its main purposes is to prevent luggage from opening during transit. But it can also provide a solution to anyone who wishes to keep their bags from scratching and ripping. Perfect for those looking to add that extra layer of protection when being transported by airport staff / baggage handlers.

In many airports across the world, it is believed that luggage is opened repeatedly by handling personnel. With more and more people flying with laptops and expensive items in their luggage, customers can be safe in the knowledge that their wrapped bag hasn’t been opened when it was out of sight.

We have developed many packaging solutions, so we are confident we can help your packing needs.

To talk to a specialist about our luggage wrapper machines, contact the team on 01543 687072. Alternatively, fill out the request form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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