Pallet / Reel Wrapper

Orion Packaging is an industry leading supplier of automatic / semi-automatic pallet wrapper and reel wrapper systems, including rotary arm wrapper systems.

Materials supplied in bulk on reels, such as paper, polythene and foam require secure wrapping for protection before transport. At Orion Packaging, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of reel wrapper and pallet wrapper systems. We are sure to have the perfect solution for your application.

Core Break Pallet Wrapper

We have a wide range of wrapping systems available. Our core break pallet or reel wrapper is the budget wrapper in our range. It uses a film delivery device that stretches the film – by pressure of using the hand tightening mechanism. This will allow the film to only stretch by approximately 60-70%. This wrapper is an economical purchase and is normally used for wrapping a low volume of reels or pallets.

Pre-Power Stretch Wrapper

The ‘Pre-Power Stretch’ Wrapper has a mechanically powered film delivery mechanism. This system can stretch film up to 300% thus creating significant savings on film costs. The initial cost for this machine is higher than a core break but the payback on the film savings is higher if the number of pallets or reels to wrap is greater. We calculate the payback models with our clients for the different options of reel wrappers.

Pallet Wrapper
Pallet Wrapper
Reel Wrapper

We have developed many packaging solutions, so we are confident we can help your packing needs.

To talk to a specialist about our pallet wrapper / reel wrapper machines, contact the team on 01543 687072. Alternatively, fill out the request form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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