Pallet Wrappers

‘Core Break’ Pallet Wrapper

Our ‘Core Break’ Pallet Wrapper is the budget wrapper in the range. It uses a film delivery device that stretches the film by the pressure of using the hand tightened mechanism. This will allow the film to only stretch by approximately 60% to 70%.

This system of pallet wrapper is economical purchase and is normally used on the wrapping of low volume numbers of pallets.


‘Pre-Power Stretch’ Pallet Wrapper

The ‘Pre-Power Stretch’ Pallet Wrapper has a mechanically powered film delivery mechanism, this system can stretch film up to 300% thus create significant savings on film costs.

The initial cost for this machine is higher than a core break but the payback on the film savings is higher if the number of pallets to wrap is greater. We calculate the payback models with our clients, to discuss please get in touch. We are always happy to help.

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