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NettoOne of Britain’s fastest growing supermarket chains has made a substantial investment in state of the art stretch wrapping technology supplied by Midlands-based Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd at its major distribution centres to improve its service to stores as well as enhancing staff health and safety.

Netto, which operates 163 stores across England and Wales, has two distribution centres, at Pontefract and Daventry.

When orders from stores for stock arrive, the boxes are hand-picked and packed onto pallets. Previously these were stretch-wrapped by hand prior to transportation but quality and health and safety concerns led Netto management to reconsider how the wrapping could best be undertaken.

Mark Glover, Warehouse Manager at Netto explained.

“While we had not experienced any actual health and safety problems, we were concerned that our warehouse staff were having to constantly bend down to hand-wrap pallets and felt we needed to look for an automated solution.

“We needed equipment that was fast, durable and able to work around the clock given that we are sending out around 12,000 pallets each week from Pontefract and around 5,000 from Daventry.

We investigated a number of suppliers and having seen Orion equipment in action at another local factory, were very impressed by the high levels of performance and low maintenance their equipment required.”

In a deal worth close to £70,000. Netto specified eleven Semi-automatic Orion full powered pre-stretch pallet wrappers, eight for Pontefract and three for Daventry.

Mark Glover continued:

“We’ve been delighted with the performance of the Orion stretch wrappers to date. They are really easy to use – all the staff have to do is place the end of the wrap on the bottom of the pallet and press a button.

“We’ve also seen noticeable improvements in load stability following the switch to automated wrapping. The stability of loads has been much better, minimising damage to the products, giving store managers greater confidence in the work of the distribution centres and thus enhancing the relationship between the stores and the distribution centres.

“The Orion machines require little maintenance and provide consistent, reliable performance – overall we are delighted with our investment.”

“Netto gave us an exacting brief for this project but we were always confident of delivering based on our experience in the in-house design and production of stretch wrapping equipment. We’re now looking towards a long and successful partnership with Netto.”

Established in 1987, Orion is today one of only a handful of UK-owned manufacturers of end of line stretch wrapping equipment for palletised and unpalletised goods. Orion offers a full range of automatic and semi-automatic systems, available either as stand-alone units or fully integrated into the production line. It has also diversified into materials handling, giving customers access to the complete offering for product movement and packaging prior to despatch.

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