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Luggage Wrappers

The luggage wrap machine is commonly used in airports to wrap suitcases, golf clubs, pushchairs & backpacks.

These machines have also been sold in other sectors to wrap single boxes, plastic cartons, televisions ready to recycle and various other applications.

Luggage wrap

They have a power pre-stretch film delivery mechanism fitted, which allows the film to be stretched up to 245%.

This will give a significant saving on film compared to manual wrapping. There is also an easy thread head manufacture for these machines. The machines that we make use film that is 750mm wide.


After an item is wrapped it cannot be opened without your knowledge as the film creates a seal around your luggage. If the luggage wrap has been damaged or opened then it will be clearly visible to you because the film would be cut or torn.


In airports across the world, it is believed that luggage is opened frequently by handling staff. Have you ever wondered if you left your electric razor in the hotel? - Will they bother to open it if it has been wrapped?

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