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Semi Automatic Wrapping Machines

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers are a safer way to handle pallet wrapping while ensuring consistency. It will also ensure that its presentation looks good for clients.

How do semi-automatic stretch wrap machines work?

The user places pallet loads onto the stretch wrapper to begin the wrap cycle. The machine then wraps the stretch film around the pallet to the handler’s requirements.

Each pallet wrapper has its benefits, find out more about our semi-automatic stretch wrappers:

Core Break Machine

A core break film delivery is a manual device that creates stretch on the film by the pressure of the hand tightened mechanism. This will allow the film to only stretch by approx 60% to 70%.

This system on the spiral machines is cheaper to purchase and normally used on the wrapping of low volume numbers of pallets.

LP 500 Pre Power Stretch Machine

Pre-Power Stretch Machine.

This mechanically powered film delivery mechanism can stretch the film up to 300% thus create significant savings on film costs.

The initial cost for this machine is higher than a core break but the payback on the film savings is higher if the number of pallets to wrap is greater.

HP 500 Pre Power Stretch Machine

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