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Affordable Window SystemsDamage to products during transit has become a thing of the past for one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of windows, doors and conservatories following investment in state of the art stretch wrapping technology from Midlands-based Orion Packaging Systems (UK) Ltd.

Based in Blackpool, Affordable Windows Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of PVC windows, doors and conservatories to window companies and installers across the UK.

The company dispatches several thousand items each week from its manufacturing facility but was encountering problems with the products being damaged in transit as they were not individually wrapped.

Managing Director Micky Gaughan explained:

“We were finding that products were arriving at their destination damaged which meant we had to send out replacements at our own cost. We therefore needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to protect the products during transport and ensure they arrived in pristine condition, ready for installation.

“We looked at several machinery suppliers but were highly impressed by Orion’s experience and knowledge of the window industry, the ease of operation of their equipment, and the fact that they were prepared to be flexible and provide a bespoke solution rather than just trying to sell us a standard machine.”

The equipment supplied by Orion is a bespoke semi-automatic low profile series 500 with electronically operated top platen and remote control foot switch. The machine can handle maximum size loads of 1700 mm diagonal with a maximum height of 2250 mm. The machine is semi-automatic with the product in each case being held by a remote control top platen to allow the product to be wrapped. It operates around 12 hours a day, five days a week, and has already had a significant impact on product quality.

“Complaints and recalls have been drastically reduced and we anticipate the machine will therefore have paid for itself within a matter of months”, continued Micky Gaughan. “The other advantage is that the end product now looks far more professional, instilling greater confidence among our customers.

“Even since the machine was installed, we’ve identified ways to improve the operation further and Orion very quickly made the necessary modifications to achieve that. We’re absolutely delighted with the Orion equipment and believe that stretch wrapping is definitely a key factor in our improved product quality and customer service.”

Orion Packaging was established in 1987 and is now one of a handful of UK-owned manufacturers of stretch wrapping equipment. Orion has a range of automatic and semi-automatic systems. These are available as stand-alone units or they can be fully integrated into the production line. Orion has also expanded its business into materials handling, giving the customers access to product movement and packaging before dispatch.

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